Best fuel price at PTK

easy entrance easy exit

Best service at PTK

Caring medflight service

Best ramp access at PTK

Ramp side Executive service

Best...well you get the point!

"I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning"!

Best view at PTK

Comfortable, relaxing lobbies

Excutive Class FBO Services

  Barnstormers at Contact... the best pricing and service at PTK. 


"No better service...No better price...No better rewards"

1675 Airport Rd. Waterford, MI 48327            24 hr. Executive Class FBO Services                 

248 666-2211

Oakland Co. International Airport...PTK    

at Contact

De-ice if needed

Vampire flight time

Happy Hawker day

2 legs...4 legs we love em all!

Experienced Safety 1st line crew

Jump season

Best fuel prices at PTK

Full service quick turns

Quick turn and a smile

Executive Class FBO Services

24 hr. availability. Comfortable and spacious Passenger and Pilots lounge. Easy drive in ramp access for your passengers. Enterprise cars onsite, crew cars available. We're a full service Executive Class FBO that "specializes" in exceptional Customer service. Great service requires Great people, not great expense!  Our part 145 maintenance repair station and Avionics shop can handle all your aircraft service needs. Our ramp is 5 acres of concrete, able to accommodate whatever you fly into PTK. Hangar space always available! For 24 hour service call before 8pm.  


Beautiful view of the field

Comfortable lounge

Your passengers can wait in comfort

Nap time

Katie customer service


JET-A  $3.29

Contract fuel our retail price! Even better pricing with AEG Fuel... Mercury Fuel...World Fuel...EVO Fuel.  

  Full Service                      100LL $4.57

  Self Service                      100LL $4.57  We'll pump it for you!


Yea we got the room

we offer every service

Load em up!

Big or Small we love em all

1st class service

Discovery flight

Welcome home

Beautiful view

B-29 and a Skyvan

Love the shirt

Type 1 and 4

Movie shoot


Discovery flight time

Discovery flight


No better service....No better price!

Relax in comfort

Any size group...we got ya!

5 acres concrete ramp

comfortable passenger lounge with a view

Repair Station

24 hour service

We can handle your cargo

Aircraft Management

Contrary to what you may have heard...Aircraft Management shouldn't be that expensive and isn't that difficult, if you have the right people. We offer aircraft management that won't allow your accounting department to have a heart attack! Our flight department offers you every service you'll need to just "show up and fly". Call us today and see if we peak your interest...248-666-0316 ask for John.

Contact Avionics and Maintenance

   Contact Aviation is a Full Service Part 145 Maintenance Repair Station and Full Service Avionics Shop. 

Full service 145 Maintenance repair station

ADS-B Installation

Annuals and prebuys

On the ramp service

Josh is to maintenance what Rembrandt is to art

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101 FLIGHT TRAINING...the most affordable in Southeast Michigan!

  101 is the most affordable and enjoyable flight training in southeast Michigan. (Around $ as you fly.) Flying is fun! Your training should be too! Ask about our Discovery flights to find out if flying is in your future! 

 Cessna 172's                  $119-$129hr

Private Flight Instruction   $49hr

Private Ground Instruction  $49hr


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 Schedule your plane and instructor, click below:


Discovery flights

Aircraft rental

1st solo

Aircraft management

beautiful facility

Well lite ramp

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Fueling the Museum




Aircraft sales

Flight training

101 FLIGHT Ground School

   Ground classes every Friday and Monday evening covering all aspects of your training. Ten topics covered, One each week, then we start over, so you'll never miss a class. $35 each class. 


Innovative CFI Programs

   Would you like to become a CFI? Our CFI program will help get you there and lower your flying costs. Ask us about it...or if you're already a CFI check us out, we'd love to have you! 101 CFI's make $35 an hour!! If you're a CFI with students and need aircraft come on set your own instructor rates!


   We believe in truth and honesty, we will always put safety above profits. We will always treat our customers, students and CFI's in the most ethical way we can. "The Lord is our Shepherd". Thanks Dave     Barnstormers at Contact.

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